Road Trip 1

by kaelikennedy

Hello out there! Ryan and I are presently in Manchester, New Hampshire with two lovely friends, Will and Lauren. The first half of our road trip is complete, and we’ve just started the return home.

Photo Mar 08, 3 41 53 AM Photo Mar 08, 6 38 59 AM Photo Mar 08, 11 03 14 AM (1)

We left Pittsburgh at 3AM on Saturday and drove straight through to Plymouth, Mass. We listened to a bunch of Eminem albums to get our energy up, and then we listened to Moshe Kasher’s “You Made It Weird,” and then I made him listen to some music he really didn’t like much, and then we listened to some podcasts I don’t usually listen to.

We stopped along the way at a bunch of rest stops, and we (sorta) maintained our goal to buy a scratch ticket in each state we go through. We won a few times, but overall we’re down about a dollar. Still the world’s cheapest road trip souvenirs.

In Plymouth, we stayed with my aunt Michaela, uncle Dave, and cousin Chaela. They were, as always, incredibly hospitable. Ryan took a nap before dinner, which gave my aunt and I time to gossip about Ryan (I mean, talk very politely and vaguely and say nothing awkward whatsoever.) My uncle cooked an amazing fish/chaurice soup for dinner and my aunt supplied wine, salad, and mint chocolate mousse cake.

Photo Mar 09, 11 45 21 AM Photo Mar 09, 11 55 18 AM

In the morning (ish), after the traditional Plymouth Hood breakfast, we stopped by the ever-disappointing Plymouth Rock and Mayflower II. We were poking around the Mayflower’s entrance and Ryan was musing on the $2M fundraiser for restoration of the ship. He said (very loudly) “You know what you could buy with $2 million? A better boat!” I laughed and said “Well, now, that’s not the point exactly,” and then I looked up at the ticket window and there was a man inside. Ryan ran away and left me standing there trying to explain why two obvious tourists were staring at the closed Mayflower.

Then we headed home to my mother’s house in Fairfield, ME.

Since Fairfield is my home turf, we did a bunch. We visited both of my parents, my brother, my maternal grandparents, aunt/uncle, another cousin, and my dog Kimmik. I took him to Big G’s, which is a deli that sells huuuuuuuge sandwiches – you’re silly if you order a whole sandwich. I got a strawberry and brown sugar crepe and a side of home fries. Lindsay wasn’t around for me to scavenge her home fries, so I had to get my own. Ryan ordered the Lloyd Bridges, and, of course, ordered it whole. Apparently I didn’t sufficiently warn him. Doubtful.

Photo Mar 10, 11 32 16 AM IMG_2164

On the way out of Maine, we stopped in Portland for the International Cryptozoology Museum and in Ogunquit for lobster rolls. More on that in the second post!