Planning a Road Trip

by kaelikennedy

These guest posts have been really cool, and I have a lot of awesome people lined up to talk about a bunch of stuff. I’m really excited that my blog can host stuff I would have no feasible way of writing. Part of what I’m so proud of in my own life (one of few things) is my ability to surround myself with awesome people, so I’m hoping that by slowly luring them all into writing for my blog I can make them all internet-permanent.

Is it just me, or does EVERYONE need a break? I really need to take a second to do some stuff that’s not class-home-class-work-home-other work-MegaBits-home.

Next week, Ryan and I will be driving from Pittsburgh to Maine. I’m trying to figure out how to best document this trip for blogness – that is, without getting obsessive about documenting it but still allowing myself room to make an awesome post. I’m sure I’ll be talking about stuff as it happens on Twitter, so I think I’ll make just two posts here, one about the trip home and one about the trip back.

I’m very excited. I’m making some borderline obsessive itineraries. It has oscillated between really fun and really stressful doing all this planning. We’re gonna fit so much cool stuff into the next week. I really need a break.

We’ll be going to both of my parents’ houses in Maine, and back. We’ll stop along the way to see some of my family and some of both of our friends. Ryan hasn’t met any of my family yet, so that’s going to be exciting (and kinda strange). We’re gonna go to the Cryptozoology Museum, and we’re gonna try to go to Ogunquit in the cold. We’re gonna go to Big G’s. I might make him go to the LC Bates up the street from my dad’s. I might make him visit my old high school so I can see a few rad old teachers. We might even stay at a cheap, terrifying motel. Also, any ridiculous roadside attractions, obviously. I’ve never brought someone back to see my origin story before. Ryan, you’re a lucky man. Or something.

This has been “Kaeli’s strange attempt at a teaser trailer for her spring break,” thanks for tuning in.